Provost & District Golf Club boasts some of the most competitive green fees and membership rates available – made possible because of the hard work of dedicated greenskeepers, clubhouse staff, volunteers, a committed group of board members, and the tremendous support we receive from our club members, patrons, and corporate sponsors. If you or your business would like to explore the benefits of sponsorship at Provost & District Golf Club, please give us a call.

If you’ve never held a membership, or it’s been a few years, we invite you to become a member. If you’re currently a member, we appreciate and look forward to your continued support. And if golf just isn’t your thing, we still encourage you to take in all that our clubhouse has to offer. Together we are making a great experience even better!

Provost & District Golf Club | Rates for 2023

MEMBERSHIPS – all prices include GST
 Single Adult $495.00  Power Carts 
 Couple  $795.00  9 or 12 Holes  $24.00  9 or 12 Holes  $20.00
 Family (2 adult + youth/students)  $995.00  18 or 24 Holes  $40.00  18 or 24 Holes  $40.00
 Student (ages 13-17, post-sec.)  $250.00    Season Pass  $500.00
 Youth (ages 7-12)  $95.00 Corporate 10  Pull Carts 
 Associate Pass*  $250.00  round punch card  $216.00  9 or 12 Holes  $3.00
 *must have full membership  18 or 24 Holes  $5.00
   at another Alberta course  Tracking Fee   Clubs
Shed Rental (original sheds)  $400.00  Day  $10.00   9 or 12 Holes  $8.00
Shed Rental with power (original)  $450.00 Season $150.00  18 or 24 Holes  $12.00